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About Us

Personalized Property Management, Inc. (“PPM”) was founded in 1999 in Beverly Hills, California, with a goal to provide a personal approach to active commercial properties owned by individuals, family trusts, and partnerships.  Within the past 14 years, PPM’s portfolio has stretched throughout the Westside, as far south as Long Beach, north to Malibu, and east to Glendora.  We specialize in mixed-use projects, specialty retail, small and large shopping centers, low and mid-rise offices, and industrial properties.

PPM prides itself on the fact that by managing properties as if they were our own, we have created strong, longstanding, relationships with our clients and their tenants.  We strive to find a landlord-tenant equilibrium in which both parties are equally benefitted, which has historically resulted in minimal tenant turnover even during periods of tough economic times.  PPM customizes their actions to the goals and objectives of each owner while maintaining the property to increase value.

These are just a few examples of what embodies the physical and ideological foundations of Personalized Property Management, Inc.  We welcome your call to discuss your needs and our capabilities in more detail.